DIY Notepads

A month or so ago, I spent the day with my blogger friend Gina. “You should do a guest post for me sometime,” I said. “I’d love too!” she said. And drum roll… Here she is! Please welcome Gina and show her some Grace Grits love. Yay!

DIY Notepads

Hey, y’all! I’m Gina from Desperately Seeking {Gina} and I am so thrilled to be here in Talya’s space today.

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love to craft. And also, I love paper. Currently, there are no less than fifteen decorative blank notebooks and decorative journals sitting in a drawer waiting to be journal-ed, or filled with grocery lists, hopes, dreams-well, you get the idea. I love them all. Imagine my delight when I figured out how to craft my own adorable and useful notepads. Today, I want to show you how to make your own DIY notepads. I hope you enjoy, and I’d love to see your creations.

cardboard (or pieces of cut-out cereal boxes)
decorative scrapbook paper
decorative tape
PVA glue (special glue for bookbinding-dries clear and stays flexible)
Decoupage glue (I use Mod Podge)
ink pads in matching colors (optional)
foam brushes
razor knife
2 paint stirrers or 2 narrow rulers
assorted clamps (clips or C-clamps) or heavy objects to use as weights

The How-to:

DIY Notebook Steps

1. Gather supplies
2. Cut paper and cardboard to desired proportions.
3. Optional: You may add a paper-covered cardboard cover to the top (use Mod Podge to glue)or just use the decorative scrapbook paper as the cover.
4. Assemble the cover, papers, and the cardboard backing. Place paint stirrers or rulers on either side of your notepad and secure with clamps. I love these handy plastic C-clamps.
5. Apply PVA glue liberally along the top of the notepad being sure to cover the entire edge of paper, cover, and cardboard backing.
6. Allow to dry according to PVA directions, normally around 10 minutes. I added extra clamps to the middle to ensure the entire length of paper and covers were squeezed together tightly.
7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 three or four more times drying thoroughly each time.
8. For added cuteness, apply decorative tape (I used Washi Tape) to the top edge covering the clear-dried glue.
9. Ink edges in a coordinating color using stamp ink pads to finish off your notepad.

DIY Notepads


DIY Notepad

These are so fun to make! Addictive, even. Make assorted sizes with coordinating covers and stack together. Tie with pretty ribbons. These make excellent gifts for writer friends-just be sure to make plenty for yourself!

DIY Notepad

I’d love to see what you create. Connect with me at my blog Desperately Seeking {Gina} or on Facebook and see what I’m currently up to over at Instagram. Thanks so much to Talya for having me over!

Aren’t these notepads adorable? Thanks Gina!!

Gina and Talya at Moss Mountain Farms


Grace Grits and Gardening

Food. Farm. Garden. Life.

Fog hovers. Birds sing.

Foggy Lake Morning

Fog hovers above the lake

and moves along the shore

like a live thing.

In the distance,

the docks are barely visible,

ghostly even.

The oak trees beyond my porch

sit motionless,

watching for the sun.

A cool morning in July

feels as rare as this spot

hidden in the Ozark Mountains.

The birds sing a thousand songs

as everyone sleeps.


Grace Grits and Gardening

Farm. Food. Garden. Life.

Musical Pairing:

Danny Wright – White Lyte


Where the living is easy.

Lake Day! The day we packed the car and headed to the lake felt Christmas Eve exciting. For one week, the Ozark Mountains replaced our Delta fields. The lake promised a change of pace beyond scenery.

Food tasted better—barbecue, hand churned ice cream, hot dogs roasted on the island with a sprinkle of sand blown by the warm wind.

Inside our cabin, the air smelled distinct and exotic, the smell of a special place locked up tight until summer. Through the jumble of trees, our glittery lake had waited for us a whole year. A year spent growing taller, learning fractions, playing kickball.

At long last, we were home at the lake where our days spread long and lazy and everything felt easy.

Lake Norfork, Arkansas

Grace Grits and Gardening

Farm. Food. Garden. Life.

The Beatles – Good Day Sunshine