Two Degrees of Separation

Everyone knows about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, right? The idea that everyone is six steps away from anyone else in the world. I’m convinced that as the world has continued to shrink, six degrees has dwindled to something more like two degrees of separation. It seems to me that at any moment, I appear to be connected to most every person I come into contact with, and there’s very little separation. My husband thinks this is naturally occurring as I morph more and more into my mother. I think we are all connected, we just don’t take the time to find out.

I have two recent examples to prove my theory.

Example One. This picture was taken at the most recent Hemingway-Pfeiffer Writer Retreat I attended in Piggott, Arkansas last November. I met several new (to me) writers including Ruth, the lady standing beside me.

Two Degrees of Separation

Hemingway-Pfeiffer Writing Retreat (Why did I wear a silly poncho on picture day?)


Ruth and I chatted quite a bit throughout the week. She lived in Little Rock. I had just moved to Fayetteville from Dallas. Somehow Baylor University came up.

I graduated from Baylor, I saidMy daughter graduated from Baylor, she said. We discovered our Baylor years overlapped. Small world, we agreed.

A few weeks later, Ruth called me. Her daughter read through the anthology published after our retreat and recognized my name.

My daughter, Anne, roomed with you one summer at Baylor, Ruth said. And of course then it all came back. Anne and I were roommates in Alexander Hall during the summer Lady Diana married Prince Charles.

"Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer photo" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

She (Anne not Lady Di) had long blonde hair, was an English major who planned to go to law school. And she did. She’s an attorney in Little Rock. WHAT are the odds I would attend a writer retreat with my Baylor summer roommate’s mother thirty-three years later?

Example Two. 

Last week, I spent a few days in Texas. (If you missed my trip, you can catch up HERE but this isn’t a sequel so don’t feel compelled, even though I always appreciate the page views.) While in Dallas, I went for my annual physical because I don’t have a new doctor in Fayetteville yet. I’ve been going to my Dallas doctor for years, and my Dallas doctor has had the same nurse for years. The odd thing about this is that after all this time, I learned that my doctor’s nurse is originally from Arkansas. When she said, Oh I’m from Arkansas and I said, yeah, where? and she said well I lived in Blytheville, went to school in Luxora and was born in Osceola but I’m sure you’ve never heard of those towns, I nearly fell off the table. Because I was born in Osceola and had friends in Luxora and know Blytheville as well as any place on earth. Before I left, we talked about friends of friends, American Greetings (where lots of people worked), Big Star (the best grocery store), Erman Lane (the street to drive to get anywhere), and Bobby George’s liquor store (ahem)—things no one except people from there would dare know about. The same doctor (Dr. Fairley) delivered both of us only a few years apart. He was THE doctor in town.

Welcome to Downtown Osceola

Shared from Main Street Osceola Facebook Page


So perhaps right here, right now in the comment section of this post, we should all figure out how we are connected, because we probably are. And probably by way less than six degrees of separation. It’s a crazy small world, don’t you agree?

Grace Grits and Gardening

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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

“Life’s journey is one big path with series of events. All these events are connected.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita 


Road Trip to Texas (food, friends, Mavs who forgot to show)

Hey. I’ve been out of town. The girls (Lucy and Annabelle) and I took a little road trip to Texas.  I saw my niece perform in her high school musical—always a fun thing!—ate at some of my favorite restaurants, saw the Dallas Mavericks lose to the Memphis Grizzlies, and hung out with a few friends. Now we are back in Fayetteville, which by the way, is in full spring bloom. Gorgeous!

Fayetteville blooms!

Fayetteville blooms!


Since I can’t think of anything clever to say, I’ll share a few pictures of the weekend.

I love seeing a random balloon floating on the water or sailing through the sky. And I saw one in Las Colinas.

Las Colinas, Irving, Texas

Las Colinas, Irving, Texas – Red Balloon!


John and I took the dogs for a walk along Campion Trail smack dab in Las Colinas near a branch of the Trinity River. Nice! Annabelle promptly picked up THREE ticks. Not so nice!

Campion Trail, Las Colinas

Campion Trail, Las Colinas


We had fantastic seats at the Dallas Mavericks game (my Mother’s Christmas gift to John). Even though the Mavs forgot to show (rude), we had a great time. Riding the Dart rail to ACC felt very urban and eliminated the whole parking thing. I had a huge, ice cold beer and a yummy hot dog, so all was not lost. Plus, the Grizzlies are my backup team anyway.

Dallas Mavericks

We spent time with good friends in our old Munger Place neighborhood. Lucy and Annabelle enjoyed seeing their buddy, Chester, who kept a lookout for the Scalini’s pizza man.

Chester in Munger Place

Yes, we drove by our house which I must say makes me cringe a little. The front room, which was painted a soothing (to us) paint color has been replaced with red raspberry that glows like a beacon down Worth Street. To each her own.

How was your weekend?

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Seeds, glorious seeds! (Little Free Library update)

Just a quick update on our Little Free Library! Yesterday morning I added seeds (glorious seeds) to the seed exchange box. If you’re like me, spring fever has arrived. Wednesday’s seventy degree afternoon pushed me over the edge. Plus, spring break is around the corner, so I deemed it time to break out the seeds for my Fayetteville friends who are planting cool weather veggies and planning their spring and summer gardens.

I owe a big thank you to my friend Debbie Arnold (Dining with Debbie) who shared several of her heirloom tomato varieties from her Little Rock garden. And there are a few seeds from Promise of Peace Community Garden in Dallas.

Sharing is the whole point. Sharing seeds and food and growing as a community.

Seeds Glorious Seeds! Free Little Library and Seed Exchange

Since we “opened” our Little Free Library, an interesting, varied selection of books has cycled in and out. Seeing people stop and look and take books or leave books is very cool. The books change daily, and I find myself reading more. The dogs like it too because they have more opportunity to bark. Winner, winner all around.

Our Little Free Library & Seed Exchange

Today’s offerings. Little Free Library & Seed Exchange, Fayetteville, Ar


Happy planting, happy reading!

Grace Grits and Gardening

Farm. Food. Garden. Life.

For more information about the Little Free Library program, click HERE.

“Underground, pale seeds roll over in their sleep. Starting to get restless. Starting to dream green.”
― Laurie Halse Anderson

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